Give Us Your Cans

Do you need to get rid of aluminum cans, TVs, computers, cell phones, printer cartridges or old electronics?

Smart Phones, iPhones, iPads and iPods

Donate your device to Scrap Autism will make good use of it

Printer Cartridge Recycling

Recycle your empty ink and toner cartridges by donating them to Scrap Autism.  Not only will you be providing meaningful work for special needs adults you, but you can also feel good about reducing waste in our landfills.


Scrap Autism will responsibly recycle your old electronics and in the process provide meaningful work for a special needs adult.

Scrap Autism

Donate your recyclables to the Scrap Autism recycling program. We do the recycling for you. You get a receipt for taxes

Scrap Autism is
the lives of Special Needs Adults

AFAST started the  Scrap Autism Initiative to deliver aid to special needs adults who require intensive support in order to function in a work environment.  AFAST's goal is to help special needs adults begin and maintain a supported employment through individualized and community-based training, collaborating with neighbors, education and business partners and developing a support network to facilitate self reliance.

Categories: Services to Promote the Independence of Specific Populations

Programs: Scrap Autism

How it works

How it works Participants, with the help of a mentor, will solicit recyclables from neighbors, schools and businesses. When someone donates their recyclables to Scrap...

Green Jobs Training for Special Needs Adults

Green Jobs Training for Special Needs Adults Statement of Purpose The Scrap Autism Initiative is an exciting new program of AFAST, Inc. that will match...

The Ask

Do you ever wonder where the money comes from to operate Scrap Autism? It doesn’t come from the government or from city funds. It comes...

Scrap Autism’s Impact

Scrap Autism’s Impact Scrap Autism will work with your staff to provide a timely pick-up of recyclables. We will collect, weigh and provide you with...

High School Program

Most high schools require many seniors implement a public service program. The Scrap Autism staff will mentor student who wishes to implement a recycling program...